Cavan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

   Jul 15

Lost and Found


If you have lost or found a dog please go to our Facebook page Cavan SPCA and post up all their details and a photo or Facebook private message them.

Tips from readers of if you have lost a dog:

Search everywhere especially open spaces where the dog is walked.  If anyone in the locality has taken her (in) they still have to walk them.

Phone your local animal SPCA group. Tina Boyle C avan SPCA – 086 8916186.

Report your dog missing to the local Garda stations, “in retrospect we should have alerted stations that were relatively far away, so we would have found out sooner what happened to our dog”

Phone the Dog Pound (every day).  Cavan Dog Pound, Legland, Crossdoney, Co. Cavan – 049 433 75 45

Advertise in the Buy&Sell with a ‘reward’, don’t say how much, but several people have reported this worked for them (with purebreds, etc that were stolen).

Place ads in library and churches.

Visit all neighbouring houses in the locality.

Stop everyone with a dog to ask them to watch out.

Place ad in your local paper and on the local radio station in their classifieds section.

If you are lucky and find your dog remember to take the notices down, inform and thank those who helped in the search.

Contact the county council in your area, they all have a service which collects dead animals hit by cars, etc. (sad to think, but better to know)

Contact vets in the area and leave details with them.

Always post a picture of your dog in all Garda stations. “We just gave them a report and when we eventually buy proscar found our dog, the people who found him had him a week and reported to the guards on a regular basis but we still didn’t hear anything from them ”  Communication between shifts and other stations isn’t always reliable.

If you have other dogs, bring them out with you when you are looking for the lost one – they will smell their housemate much sooner than you will see him/her, and they will leave a scent that may help the lost animal to find their way back.

Make as many posters (with a picture if possible) as you can and stick them up at bus stops, pedestrian lights, petrol stations, supermarkets, corner shops… anywhere that people spend a bit of time. We live in a soggy country, so laminate the posters if possible.

Expect hoax calls – “there are some nasty people out there – but follow everything up nonetheless. You could try leaving out one particular piece of information about your animal from the poster/flyer, just to check if the person calling has actually seen him/her.” If someone asks you to collect the animal from an address, don’t go alone…just in case.

Show a picture of the dog to lollipop ladies and kids – kids are much more observant than adults!

Post the details on and other online lost and found pet websites.

It might be an idea to take out an ad for a week in the Evening Herald classified section.  (Found ads are free). Lots of people read the Herald for the classifieds, Tel: 048 37 516 516.  If you can afford it, advertise in the Irish Times.

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